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Once upon a summer, we figured out how to capture it in a can. It was light, refreshing, with low calories, the perfect drink to have fun without sugar crash, hangovers, and extra pounds. It was exotic yet inviting like southern hospitality, our version of the infamous Dr. Chilton cocktail. We called it The Chilton... We then searched for the perfect alliance of a flavorful fruit and a cool slightly sweet vegetable...and Water’s edge was born. We went further and looked for an explosion of taste, a flavor that could evoke spices, nuts, citrus, caramel, honey, fruits...And the reef tea was created. We wanted the taste without the guilt!

Our story only continues if it becomes your story: a story of incredible, magical moments, with family and friends…or fabulous new acquaintances … 

So let us know your story and share your favorite moments at #DrinkCoral #CoralSpirits.